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Data Fields
sNDSHeader Struct Reference

the NDS file header format See gbatek for more info. More...

#include <memory.h>

Data Fields

u32 arm7binarySize
 size of the arm7 binary.
u32 arm7destination
 destination address to where the arm7 binary should be copied.
u32 arm7executeAddress
 adress that should be executed after the binary has been copied.
u32 arm7overlaySize
 File arm7 overlay size.
u32 arm7overlaySource
 File arm7 overlay offset.
u32 arm7romOffset
 offset of the arm7 binary in the nds file.
u32 arm9binarySize
 size of the arm9 binary.
u32 arm9destination
 destination address to where the arm9 binary should be copied.
u32 arm9executeAddress
 adress that should be executed after the binary has been copied.
u32 arm9overlaySize
 File arm9 overlay size.
u32 arm9overlaySource
 File arm9 overlay offset.
u32 arm9romOffset
 offset of the arm9 binary in the nds file.
u32 bannerOffset
 offset to the banner with icon and titles etc.
u32 bfPrime1
 Secure Area Disable part 1.
u32 bfPrime2
 Secure Area Disable part 2.
u32 cardControl13
 Port 40001A4h setting for normal commands (used in modes 1 and 3)
u32 cardControlBF
 Port 40001A4h setting for KEY1 commands (used in mode 2)
u32 debugRomDestination
 debug RAM destination.
u32 debugRomSize
 debug size.
u32 debugRomSource
 debug ROM offset.
u8 deviceSize
 capacity of the device (1 << n Mbit)
u8 deviceType
 type of device in the game card
u32 fatOffset
 File Allocation Table (FAT) offset.
u32 fatSize
 File Allocation Table (FAT) size.
u32 filenameOffset
 File Name Table (FNT) offset.
u32 filenameSize
 File Name Table (FNT) size.
u8 flags
 bit 2: auto-boot flag.
char gameCode [4]
 4 characters for the game code.
char gameTitle [12]
 12 characters for the game title.
u8 gbaLogo [156]
 Nintendo logo needed for booting the game.
u16 headerCRC16
 header checksum, CRC-16.
u32 headerSize
 ROM header size.
u16 logoCRC16
 Nintendo Logo Checksum, CRC-16.
char makercode [2]
 identifies the (commercial) developer.
u16 readTimeout
 Secure Area Loading Timeout.
u32 romSize
 total size of the ROM.
u8 romversion
 version of the ROM.
u16 secureCRC16
 Secure Area Checksum, CRC-16.
u8 unitCode
 identifies the required hardware.
u32 unknownRAM1
 ARM9 Auto Load List RAM Address (?)
u32 unknownRAM2
 ARM7 Auto Load List RAM Address (?)

Detailed Description

the NDS file header format See gbatek for more info.

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