nds Directory Reference



file  bios.h
 Nintendo DS Bios functions.
file  debug.h
 Currently only used to send debug messages to NO$GBA debug window.
file  dma.h
 Wrapper functions for direct memory access hardware.
file  fifocommon.h
 low level FIFO API.
file  input.h
 common values for keypad input.
file  interrupts.h
 nds interrupt support.
file  memory.h
 Defines for many of the regions of memory on the DS as well as a few control functions for memory bus access.
file  ndstypes.h
 Custom types employed by libnds.
file  sha1.h
 DSi SHA1 functions.
file  system.h
 NDS hardware definitions. These definitions are usually only touched during the initialization of the program.
file  timers.h
 Contains defines, macros and functions for ARM7 and ARM9 timer operation. It also contains a simplified API for timer use and some cpu timing functions.
file  touch.h
 contains a struct with touch screen data.