Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
 Cbg_attributeRegister overlay for background attribute registers
 Cbg_scrollRegister overlay for scroll registers
 Cbg_transformRegister overlay for affine matrix registers
 CConsoleFontFont struct for the console
 CDecompressionStreamA struct that contains callback function pointers used by the decompression functions
 CDynamicArrayA resizable array
 CglImageStruct for our GL-Based Images
This is our struct to hold our image attributes. You don't need to worry about this if you use the texture packer
 CGLvectorHolds a Vector
related functions: glScalev(), glTranslatev()
 CKeyboardDescribes a keyboard
 CKeyMapDefines a key mapping
 CLinkedListA node for the linked list
 Cm3x3Holds a Matrix of 3x3
 Cm4x3Holds a Matrix of 4x3
 Cm4x4Holds a Matrix of 4x4
 COamStateHolds the state for a 2D sprite engine
 CPrintConsoleConsole structure used to store the state of a console render context
 CRGB_24Holds a red green blue triplet
 CRTCtimeStruct containing time and day of the real time clock
 CsGBAHeaderGBA file header format. See gbatek for more info
 CsImageA generic image structure
 CsNDSBannerNDS banner format. See gbatek for more information
 CsNDSHeaderNDS file header format See gbatek for more info
 CSpriteEntryA bitfield of sprite attribute goodness...ugly to look at but not so bad to use
 CSpriteRotationA sprite rotation entry
 CsysVectors_tA struct with all the CPU exeption vectors. each member contains an ARM instuction that will be executed when an exeption occured
 CTileMapEntry16Overlay for 16-bit tile map entries
 CTileMapEntry8Overlay for 8-bit tile map entries
 CtouchPositionHolds data related to the touch screen
 CtPERSONAL_DATAUser's DS settings. Defines the structure the DS firmware uses for transfer of the user's settings to the booted program
 CUnpackStructA struct and struct pointer with information about unpacking data