File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
 background.hNds background defines and functionality
 bios.hNintendo DS Bios functions
 boxtest.hBox Test Functions
 cache.hARM9 cache control functions
 console.hNds stdio support
 debug.hCurrently only used to send debug messages to NO$GBA debug window
 decompress.hWraps the bios decompress functionality into something a bit easier to deal with
 dma.hWrapper functions for direct memory access hardware
 dynamicArray.hA dynamically resizing array for general use
 exceptions.hFunctions to handle hardware exceptions
 fifocommon.hLow level FIFO API
 gl2d.hA very small and simple DS rendering lib using the 3d core to render 2D stuff
 guitarGrip.hGuitar grip device slot-2 addon support
 image.hAn image abstraction for working with image data
 arm9/input.hNDS button and touchscreen input support
 input.hCommon values for keypad input
 interrupts.hNds interrupt support
 keyboard.hNds stdio keyboard integration
 linkedlist.hA simple doubly linked, unsorted list implementation
 math.hHardware coprocessor math instructions
 memory.hDefines for many of the regions of memory on the DS as well as a few control functions for memory bus access
 nds.hMaster include file for nds applications
 ndsmotion.hInterface code for the ds motion card, ds motion pak, MK6
 ndstypes.hCustom types employed by libnds
 paddle.hPaddle device slot-2 addon support
 pcx.hA simple 256 color pcx file loader
 piano.hNDS Easy Piano option pack support
 postest.hPosition Test Functions.
 rumble.hNds rumble option pak support
 sassert.hSimple assertion with a message conplies to nop if NDEBUG is defined
 sha1.hDSi SHA1 functions
 sound.hA simple sound playback library for the DS. Provides functionality for starting and stopping sound effects from the ARM9 side as well as access to PSG and noise hardware. Maxmod should be used in most music and sound effect situations
 sprite.hNds sprite functionality
 system.hNDS hardware definitions. These definitions are usually only touched during the initialization of the program
 timers.hContains defines, macros and functions for ARM7 and ARM9 timer operation. It also contains a simplified API for timer use and some cpu timing functions
 touch.hStruct with touch screen data
 trig_lut.hFixed point trig functions. Angle can be in the range of -32768 to
 video.hBasic defnitions for controlling the video hardware
 videoGL.hOpenGL (ish) interface to DS 3D hardware
 window.hWindowing support functions for objects and backgrounds