arm9/input.h File Reference

NDS button and touchscreen input support. More...

#include <nds/touch.h>
#include <nds/input.h>


uint32 keysCurrent (void)
 Obtains the current keypad state. Call this function to get keypad state without affecting state of other key functions (keysUp keysHeld etc...)
uint32 keysDown (void)
 Obtains the current keypad pressed state.
uint32 keysDownRepeat (void)
 Obtains the current keypad pressed or repeating state.
uint32 keysHeld (void)
 Obtains the current keypad held state.
void keysSetRepeat (u8 setDelay, u8 setRepeat)
 Sets the key repeat parameters. More...
uint32 keysUp (void)
 Obtains the current keypad released state.
void scanKeys (void)
 Obtains the current keypad state. Call this function once per main loop in order to use the keypad functions.
void touchRead (touchPosition *data)
 Obtains the current touchpad state. More...

Detailed Description

NDS button and touchscreen input support.

The state of the keypad must be read from hardware into memory using scanKeys() whenever you want an updated input state. After reading, call one of the associated "keys" functions to see what event was triggered. These events are computed as the difference between the current and previous key state you read. It's generally a good idea to scan keys frequently to insure your application's input system is responsive.
After reading the key state, you will be given an integer representing which keys are in the requested state, to mask of specific buttons, use the key masks described in nds/input.h .

See also
nds/input.h available key masks on the Nintendo DS

Function Documentation

void keysSetRepeat ( u8  setDelay,
u8  setRepeat 

Sets the key repeat parameters.

setDelayNumber of scanKeys calls before keys start to repeat.
setRepeatNumber of scanKeys calls before keys repeat.
void touchRead ( touchPosition data)

Obtains the current touchpad state.

dataa touchPosition ptr which will be filled by the function.