arm9 Directory Reference


file  background.h
 nds background defines and functionality.
file  boxtest.h
 Box Test Functions.
file  cache.h
 ARM9 cache control functions.
file  console.h
 nds stdio support.
file  decompress.h
 wraps the bios decompress functionality into something a bit easier to deal with.
file  dynamicArray.h
 A dynamically resizing array for general use.
file  exceptions.h
 functions to handle hardware exceptions.
file  guitarGrip.h
 guitar grip device slot-2 addon support.
file  image.h
 An image abstraction for working with image data.
file  arm9/input.h
 NDS button and touchscreen input support.
file  keyboard.h
 nds stdio keyboard integration.
file  linkedlist.h
 A simple doubly linked, unsorted list implementation.
file  math.h
 hardware coprocessor math instructions.
file  ndsmotion.h
 interface code for the ds motion card, ds motion pak, MK6.
file  paddle.h
 paddle device slot-2 addon support.
file  pcx.h
 A simple 256 color pcx file loader.
file  piano.h
 NDS Easy Piano option pack support.
file  postest.h
 Position Test Functions.

file  rumble.h
 nds rumble option pak support.
file  sassert.h
 Simple assertion with a message conplies to nop if NDEBUG is defined.
file  sound.h
 A simple sound playback library for the DS. Provides functionality for starting and stopping sound effects from the ARM9 side as well as access to PSG and noise hardware. Maxmod should be used in most music and sound effect situations.
file  sprite.h
 nds sprite functionality.
file  trig_lut.h
 fixed point trig functions. Angle can be in the range of -32768 to
file  video.h
 contains the basic defnitions for controlling the video hardware.
file  videoGL.h
 openGL (ish) interface to DS 3D hardware.
file  window.h
 windowing support functions for objects and backgrounds